Changing the world for the smarter.

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Changing the world for the smarter.

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About Vgan Pay

As various cash free services are making noise across the developed world, there are still too many people around the world who do not have their own bank account, and there are numerous hurdles and bottlenecks that prevent these people to access basic financial services.

Moreover, in the field of big data such data is considered
and treated as very limited, and even large companies have yet to obtain the massive amount of data that can identify the lifestyle of an individual person.

We at Vgan pay will take the concepts
of “cash free” and “big data” into the next generation by utilizing Blockchain technology.

Vgan Pay System

Vgan Pay is a payment system that can be used in various stores and commercial facilities. Users can buy products at a cheaper price when paying with Vgan tokens instead of cash.

Also, the choice to disclose or not disclose the purchase records rests with the user, and if theuser chooses to disclose their purchase records they will be able to earn Vgan tokens for free every time their purchase record is referenced.

Use Scene of Vgan Pay System
  • Increase the rate of use in various regions by implementing a store payment system

  • Making it possible for companies to mutually view purchase data by integrating the data of various users

  • Users can chose to disclose or not disclose their purchase info, and will automatically receive tokens when disclosing their data

Use Scene

Vgan Token

The Vgan token will be the base currency for using the platform. While it is assumed that online services can be conducted just with the legal tender, but on a global scale there are countries such as Russia where the legal tender lacks the necessary stability to do so.

By guaranteeing liquidity, we will construct a base currency that can be utilized on our platform, which also gives consideration to the stabilization of its price.

Use Scene of Vgan Token
  • Base currency of the platform

  • To be used for reference of the purchase data of other companies

  • GET Tokens can be obtained for FREE by disclosing personal information

Use Scene

Vgan Stable Token

After obtaining an EMI license, the Vgan Stable Token will become a token that will literally have a value equal to the legal tender.
The value per Vgan stable token will be equal to the value of 24 Gold 1g.

We will create a token with low volatility, and along with it scenes in actual society where the token can be used for payments.- Currently applying for a license.

Use Scene of Vgan Stable Token
  • To be sold as a prepaid card in commercial facilities mostly located in the Philippines

  • Providing an exclusive app that can be used as a wallet

  • Easy payments in commercial facilities by a simple holding up of the app

Use Scene

Vgan Security Token

Along with disclosing information regarding the revenue rate of the business on a timely basis throughout the quarter, Vgan Pay will provide 10% of its sales revenue to people who hold the most amount of our Vgan security tokens (VST) within a cycle of 1 year. (However, our VST is not designed to be exchanged for cash but simply for the distribution of our profits.) We believe that this allows to create a coin with a stable price, which will be the exact opposite of coins with a price chart showing high volatility.- Currently applying for a license.

Use Scene of Vgan Security Token
  • Report Vgan Pay’s financial statements on a quarterly basis

  • Return 10% of our sales revenue to the owners of VST

  • EDistributed VPT’s can be exchanged into cash through the market


A stable token backed
by actual gold bars.

The Vgan stable token (PST) is a stable token backed by gold bars worth around several hundred billion Japanese Yen. We will apply to the Philippines’s central bank with the several hundred billion worth of gold, and develop a token with a volatility equal to that of the London Gold Exchange.

With the buried amount of rare metals such as gold and plastic decreasing year after year, due to their active excavation, the price of these rare metals has steadily increased over the years. The PST will be released to the market with the following value: 1 token = 24 Gold 1g.The PST will be a token with the same price fluctuation as gold: an actually existing asset with a constantly increasing price.


  • 1 1st March 2019 – 30th May 2019Pre-sales

    We will begin selling the rights for reservation to acquire Vgan Token limited to those who have sympathized with the vision of Vgan Pay, along with developing Vgan Token based on ERC20, and upon its completion we will issue / distribute such coins.

  • 2 1st June 2019 – 30th August 2019Launching of cloud sales

    We will formally launch Vgan Token, implement its sales on cloud and start to distribute coins to those with the rights for reservation. Upon the completion of such cloud sales, we will move ahead with further development of Vgan Pay and expansion of shops / companies dealing with it centered around Philippines.

  • 3 1st September 2019 – 30th November 2019 Listing

    We will implement listing of Vgan Token.

  • 4 1st December 2019 – 30th December 2019Development / listing of Vgan Stable Token

    We will develop Vgan Stable Token (Coin) and proceed with implementing it to shops / commercial complexes in Philippines.

  • 5 1st January 2020 – 28th February 2020Development of Vgan Security Token / platform

    We will develop Vgan Security token and sell / issue to those who have purchased Vgan Token on its pre-sales basis.

  • 6 1st March 2020 – 30th May 2020Implementing of Vgan system

    We will implement all the systems related to the business plan of Vgan Pay and further proceed with expansion of shops / commercial complexes dealing with it.



    BENJAMIN P. PALMA GIL holds a Master’s degree in Business Management (with High Distinction) from the Asian Institute of Management and a Baccalaureate degree in Economics from the Ateneo de Manila University. He served as President & Chief Executive Office of Philippine National Bank, where he successfully raised the bank’s market capitalization by over six-times its value, upon his assumption of office. Palma Gil was Chairman of Megalink and Republic Bank in the Philippines and also served as President & CEO of three separate California state- chartered commercial banks. He served as Managing Director & CEO of a Hongkong registered Deposit Taking Company which was twice rated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, as the best performing DTC, in terms of return on investment, during his term. Palma Gil co-founded and served as Chairman of the First Philippine Fund, a New York Stock Exchange listed country fund. Early in his career, Palma Gil was an Assistant Professor in AIM where he also served as Director of the ASEAN Banking Council’s Advanced Bank Management Program.

  • Takateru YoshimuraLegalTakateru Yoshimura

    Professor Yoshimura is CEO of Green Legal accounting office and a member of the Osaka Bar Association.
    He mainly works for supporting SMEs management and also deal with legal disputes concerning cryptocurrency. He is going to cooperate by support on the legal side in this project.

  • MScEng Daniel PeisAdvisorMScEng Daniel Peis

    Daniel studied civil engineering at the University of Bristol, UK and holds a Master of Science from the Technical University of Innsbruck, Austria. He is a founder of the Greenland Digital Technology Association and cofounder of the Arctic Exchange. Since many years Daniel is consulting governments in the field of blockchain all over the world. He is a big thinker and is always looking for the right technology that will bring a positive global impact to our societies based on ethical values and positive vibes. Daniel sees a big potential in adopting the Vgan Pay concept in the Philippines and is happy do be part of the great entrepreneurial team around the founder.

  • Julie PlavnikAdvisorJulie Plavnik

    OKEX business develop
    Julie Plavnik holds a PhD in Law, specializing in Capital Markets. Before crypto, she worked as an M&A and Capital Markets attorney for 7 years. Julie has been involved in various crypto-related markets since 2016, when she started to consult blockchain projects and cryptocurrency exchanges on marketing, user acquisition and regulatory matters. Today, Julie is a member of the management team of Xena Exchange̶a UK based digital asset spot and derivatives exchange. She is also an experienced advisor to fintech startups and executives.

White Paper

Please check our white paper below.


Please check our white paper below.


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